5 Fall Apples You Should Be Eating (And Cooking With!) This Season

Move over pumpkins, itÕs apple pickinÕ season. DonÕt worry, fall is actually big enough for both of you. Of the many iconic fall symbols, apples are amongst the top rankings. Walking through the orchard, basket in hand, picking your star ingredient for delicious apple butter, homemade applesauce, and most importantly, a comforting apple pie unique to every family. Now that youÕre craving this tasty fruit, letÕs look at five fall apples you need to get your hands on and into your kitchen this season:


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1. Honeycrisp Apple

True to their name, the honeycrisp is gloriously sweet and, you guessed it, crisp! Maintaining their sweet flavor even when cooked, honeycrisps are perfect for baking into a crumble or pie. TheyÕre rich in fiber, too!

2. Golden Delicious Apple

Very sweet and juicy, the Golden Delicious is another great early fall fruit. The apple itself will turn a deep yellow color when fully ripened, and has a medium firm texture. Golden Delicious apples are also very tasty in fresh salads, and home baked goods like apple bread, or an applesauce bread.

3. Jonagold Apple

A mid fall arrival, this large apple is honey sweet with a hint of tart and a punch of acidity. Jonagolds are an excellent choice for baking and desserts, so try them in crisps, muffins, and cakes. TheyÕre the perfect apple for frying, too!


4. Fuji Apple

Picked in late October to early November, the Fuji apple ripens during long frosty nights, making them extra sweet. An all around good cooking apple, their recipes require very little (if any) added sugar and make for wonderful homemade applesauce. They keep extremely well in winter if stored in a cool place, so donÕt hesitate to buy in bulk!

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5. Granny Smith Apple

An absolute classic, this late fall icon is well known. While crisp and juicy, the green Granny Smith (named after Mrs. Mary Ann (Granny) Smith) has a unique tart flavor. The original apple pie frontrunner, this apple is also great for stewing in sauces, and brightening up a salad as they keep their color much longer than other apples after being cut.

While all of these apples make a great addition to baked goods and tasty desserts alike, eating them alone is a treat in itself. Have some fun in the kitchen and experiment with your favorite fall apples while theyÕre in their prime this season!

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