7 Awesome Things You Can Do All Year Round In Wilmington, NC


If you live in Wilmington, NC, you know youÕve got it made. With the beach and heart of Downtown a mere 20-minute drive from one another, we have the best of both worlds. Being so spoiled for choice, at times it can even be a little overwhelming to decide what to do! Outside of all the great events the city of Wilmington puts on, weÕve narrowed down a list of fun activities you can do all year round. LetÕs take a look.

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1. Try Hot Yoga

Setting up a consistent hot yoga practice is an incredible way to take care of your body any time of the year, but especially during the winter. Hot yoga is any sort of yoga done in hot or humid conditions. This form of yoga is proven to promote relaxation, build muscles, improve flexibility and develop better mental concentration. 

2. Schedule a Time To Cook For Friends

This might not sound like the best way to stay active and warm during the winter months, but making the effort to cook healthy food for some friends every week will definitely warm your heart because you’ll nourish the people you care about. Cook things like homemade soups, risotto, and spicy curries. Tidal Creek has all the healthy ingredients you need!

3. Do Volunteer Work

If you’ve never done any volunteer work, the winter months are a great time to start. Cape Fear Volunteer Center is always looking for folks to help out. Giving your time and energy to help people in need is a phenomenal way to get active, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped someone. 

4. See A Live Event

The live entertainment scene in Wilmington has really flourished over the past couple of years, to the point where you can go and sit in front of a stage almost any night of the week.

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5. Visit the Serpentarium

If you have a history of feeling down during the colder months, then consider learning a new trait or skill this winter. Make a concerted effort to take up a new skill. Learn guitar, salsa dancing, take cooking lessons or sign up for swimming instruction. Make it your mission to learn how to do something new. Can’t afford it? If you have an internet connection, you have free access to thousands of videos, PDF’s and online tutorials.

6. Get Active

This one is no surprise, but itÕs true! There are so many ways to get out and get active in Wilmington. Walk the Wrightsville Beach loop, shoot some hoops at any of the public courts, or even join a gym! ThereÕs no time better than now. For something less conventional, try some of the great frisbee golf spots, check out the trampoline park Defy Gravity, or visit the Wilmington Ice House during their public skate hours.

7. Adopt or Foster A Pet

There’s always a great need for cats and dogs to find loving homes, so consider adopting a buddy or fostering a four-legged friend. Wilmington is extremely dog-friendly, with many bars and local spots allowing pets on the premises. Plus, having a furry friend will encourage you to get out and enjoy our wonderful weather all year round! Visit Adopt An Angel‘s website if you’re interested in adopting a cat or dog in need or lending your home and love to foster animals in need.

What awesome things do you do in Wilmington that aren’t on this list? Comment below!

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