7 Great Gift Ideas For The Healthy Eater In Your Life


While candy canes and chocolates are classic holiday favorites, your favorite health nut might be concerned about all that sugar! Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you’re wondering what you can put under the tree to get their mouths salivating and smiles beaming. The following gift ideas for healthy eaters will help them continue their nutrition-conscious ways in the upcoming year and have something fun to open over the holidays.

1. Herb Garden Starter Kit

Get your healthy eater a gift that will spice up their meals for years to come. Herb garden starter kits provide everything needed to grow their first plants as well as detailed planting, growing, and harvesting instructions. If you know someone who enjoys herbal tea, consider wrapping up the Indoor Herbal Tea Garden Kit.

Veggie_Spiralizer2. Veggie Spiralizer

Healthy cooks use the term “zoodling” for the process of turning fresh vegetables, like zucchini, into spirals that look much like noodles. The final product is a pile of “zoodles” that you can use in the place of pasta. Not only is the process fun, but it’s a great way to eliminate carbs without giving up your favorite Italian dishes. If your healthy friend or family member doesn’t have a spiralizer, this is your chance to show them something new.

3. Oil Mister

Your healthy eater probably prefers a spritz of oil to a dip in the deep fryer, but store-bought oil sprays in aerosol cans are unhealthy for the environment. Non-aerosol oil misters are affordable gift ideas that will make any kitchen healthier. Your healthy eater can purchase their oil mister and preferred choice of oil from Tidal Creek and mist their way through food preparation.

Homemade_Bean_Soup_In_a_Jar4. Homemade Bean Soup In a Jar

Find a decorative glass jar and fill it with layers of dried beans, chili powder, cumin, and oregano. Your recipient can use it as a decoration in the kitchen, and it may feed them dinner one night in the future. If you have a lot of healthy eaters on your shopping list, this is an affordable way to give them all something worth licking their lips over. Don’t forget to add a pretty bow on top of the jar. If you’re making a gift for a friend, consider filling your jar with Friendship Soup Mix instead.

5. Tea Infusers with a Fun Twist

Tea infusers make it easy to brew a cup of tea without access to an electrical appliance, but they’re more fun when they place a polar bear, octopus, or other interesting creature in your cup. Products like the Mr. Tea Infuser won’t cost you more than $10 or $20, and they’re destined to put a smile on your recipient’s face.

Kale_Yeah_Tshirt6. Creative Healthy-Eating T-Shirts

If you know your healthy eater’s shirt size, why not give them a chance to wear their lifestyle on their chest in a fun way? T-shirts like the “Kale Yeah!” shirt from Spread Shirt are easy scores for all of your health-inspired friends. You also have the option of creating a customized t-shirt that will touch your recipient’s heart in a unique way. Sweatshirts and tank tops are also available.

7. Reusable Salad Jars

There are thousands of mason jar salad recipes online, and the Classic Mason Salad Jar from Aladdin will allow your healthy eater to perfect their salad-on-the-go packing skills. This jar contains a built-in container that keeps the dressing away from the solid ingredients. It’s also a lightweight alternative to standard glass mason jars. You can also buy a reusable glass container from Tidal Creek for an extra treat!

Whatever healthy gifts you wrap up this year, don’t forget to add in a Tidal Creek gift card. It’s the perfect way to fill a stocking with nourishment!

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