7 Ways To Get You And Your Kids Active This Winter


With winter weather holding you inside, it doesn’t take long for the kids to start climbing the walls. You want to get moving, but the trouble is you aren’t sure how to do it without freezing out in the cold. If you’re missing your spring and summer activity level and hoping to shake the kids out of their bad moods, read on for some great ways to stay active this winter.

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1. Go ice skating.

Heading over to your local ice house is a great way to have fun and get your bodies moving! No matter the conditions outside, the ice rink is always available to let out some pent up energy. 

2. Find a great workout video.

There are plenty of videos that will let you get active right from the comfort of your own living room. Even better, you’ll find that the kids will dive in right along with you! They might be shy at first, but the more you ignore them, the more they’ll try to do those moves right along with you. There’s nothing cuter than a little one attempting a downward facing dog! 

3. Chase the kids around the house.

Don’t be afraid to get silly! The winter blahs can make it hard to work up the energy to do much of anything. Get everyone off the couch with a fun run through all the bedrooms. Scoop up the little ones, toss them on the bed, and tickle them for just a minute before dashing away and let them turn the tables and chase you! 

4. Turn up the music and dance it off.

There’s nothing better than an indoor dance-off to have everyone warm and giggling! Turn up your favorite music and dance with your kids. It doesn’t have to look good, so you can be as silly as you want. Dancing is a great way to burn energy and have fun at the same time.

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5. Check out an indoor laser tag facility.

This is more appropriate for older kids than for little ones, but it’s a great way to get everyone active and having fun! As an added bonus, the kids won’t realize that you’re trying to burn off that nervous been-inside-too-long energy; they’ll just think that youÕre having fun!


6. Try out a class at your gym.

Whether you enjoy yoga, indoor swimming, or an aerobics class, chances are there’s an option for everyone. As an added benefit, many gyms offer kids classes or activities that will keep the kids moving and active while you’re taking your own class. You might not be able to get moving togetherÐÐthough teens and tweens may be able to participate in classes right along with youÐÐbut you’ll all be able to get active at the same time.

7. Find an indoor pool.

Typically, swimming is the last thing you think of when it comes to winter activities. Finding an indoor pool, however, is a great way to enjoy this typically summer-oriented activity and stay warm at the same time. Think about how tired your kids are after a few hours in the pool during the summer. The effect will work just as well in the winter months! Just make sure that you dry off thoroughlyÐÐhair includedÐÐbefore heading back outside. 

Staying warm and active through the winter is a priority for many parents, especially after the indulgence of the holidays. If you’re looking for more activities to do with your kids, contact us! We’d love to help you find an activity that will work great for you and your kids.

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