9 Great Wilmington Organizations You Should Get Involved With This Year


One of the greatest New Year’s Resolutions we can make is to become more involved with our community. Whether it’s donating time, energy, efforts, or finances, becoming more connected with the places we love and call home is an incredible way to grow these places as well as grow our own sense of self-love and respect.

With that in mind, here are 9 great Wilmington organizations you should get involved with in 2016.

1. Work on Wilmington

The community organization for those who love Wilmington and are passionate about making it the greatest city in North Carolina. Work on Wilmington runs on the elbow crease of Wilmingtonians who work together to complete community projects in 4 hours time, with the end goal of making Wilmington a better place. As their volunteer form says, “No specific skills are required except a willingness to work for 4 hours and an interest in improving our community.”

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2. The Carousel Center

This fabulous organization is all about the kids. Focused on providing a child-friendly environment, The Carousel Center is a group that devotes its time towards abused and neglected children. They’re looking for volunteers with any number of skills, from clerical workers who can volunteer time in their offices, to event workers, to social media volunteers and community liaisons. Your skills will always be very appreciated with this organization!

3. Cape Fear River Watch

Are you passionate about the rich and stunning landscape of the Cape Fear River? Is one of the greatest things you love about Wilmington its diverse wildlife and beautiful ecological life? The Cape Fear River Watch would be the perfect group for you! Founded in 1993, the CFRW works to protect and improve the water quality of the Lower Cape Fear River Basin. Volunteers work through education, advocacy, and action in supporting the river and its inhabitants. You can volunteer in a number of ways, by river cleanups, special maintenance, and other seasonal projects. 

4. Red Cross – Eastern NC Region

The Red Cross is undoubtedly the most recognizable name on this list. It’s likely that at some point, you may have even given bloodÐÐperhaps at a church or school event, or even at your local Red Cross clinic. The Red Cross does more than just hold blood drives, though. They install smoke alarms, sign cards for veterans, and so much more. Even if you’re squeamish about a needle, the Red Cross can find something for you to do!  

5. Doobert

Our favorite option for the lovers of our four-legged friends! Doobert is all about animal rescue and welfare. Volunteers have a lot of ways they can helpÐÐDoobert looks for people who can help transport rescue animals, as well as people who can foster those rescue animals. They even encourage photographers to sign up to help take gorgeous portraits of pups for shelters!

6. Lower Cape Fear Historical Society

Founded in 1965, the LCFHS is an impressive part of Wilmington’s history. North Carolina, along with the rest of the South Eastern United States, has a vast architectural and monument historyÐÐthe LCFHS works to help preserve archival records, documents, photographs, and many other tangible records that help define the role that Wilmington and its citizens had on shaping the unique and beautiful history of the South. Volunteers are needed in the form of everything from tour guides, to program volunteers, to garden assistants!

7. Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina

North Carolina has an astounding poverty rate. 1 in 5 North Carolinians lives in poverty while the state holds the 10th highest rating in childhood poverty rates of all 50 states. The Food Bank works to counter these numbers. Encouraging people to both donate to their stores as well as volunteer time, the Food Bank is an excellent place to give your time or energy if you’re looking for a place to serve in 2016.

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8. Lump to Laughter 

For those who are looking for a religious-based group focused on health and healing, Lump to Laughter will be perfect for you. This organization focuses on connecting women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and was created by two women who went through their own journeys of diagnoses and treatment together. Volunteers assist with marketing, fundraisers, data entry, web design, and so much more.

9. Canines for Service 

This fabulous group is devoted to turning shelter dogs into service dogs. Instead of focusing simply on getting shelter dogs adopted out into as many homes as possible, Canines for Service has taken the time and resources into training these dogs to make them stunning examples of the service dogs that are used every day across America. Their volunteers assist in fundraising, dog walking, fostering, office work, and canine therapy assistance.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to learn more about the city we love, to plan your next vacation, or comment below on what organizations you love that arenÕt on this list!

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