A Message From The Board Of Directors

Dear Tidal Creek Owners and Community,

As many of you know, we transitioned our management this winter and that has resulted in a new energy and perspective inside of and coming from our store.

Have you been in to experience it?

We couldnÕt be more thrilled with your feedback and enthusiasm as you have come in to eat and shop, renewed your lapsed Ownerships, and put your dollars back into our local economy and co-op community.

Our sales are trending upward for the first time in many years, and the morale
among staff and management is just about as colorful as the new hand-painted mural on our front windows!

We are so thankful for your commitment to Tidal Creek.

When Anthony and Krista stepped into the management role they were wise enough to bring in the services of National Cooperative Grocer (NCG) to help advise on the direction of our store.

It became abundantly clear in the audits we received that, while a tremendous amount of groundwork had been laid to move towards a downtown relocation, the store was in too precarious a position to make that move without positing any risk to our long-term survival.

At this time, we will be continuing operations from our current location in order to become financially stable while still pursuing the possibility for expansion to downtown Wilmington.

It has long been our hope that we could serve the needs of our community in a more direct way, and moving or expanding with the second location to downtown would eventually allow us to do that. We have no intention of abandoning the need in the greater downtown area, but are simply stepping back to re-asses how we can best serve without compromising what we have built with 30 years of hard work.

What you can expect to see going forward is a more active Co-op. More events on the deck and lawn – like Goats On The Grass and our upcoming Community Dinner on June 10th (more info on that one coming soon!), live music, and possibly a staff-organized circus! – and more engagement out in the community.

Our coop is built on the phrase “Stronger Together” and that has never rung more true than it does now. We CAN thrive in our current location and play an eventual role in the revitalization of downtown Wilmington — all with your support.

Please come on in for lunch or dinner, grab some seasonal produce and groceries, fill a growler with locally made kombucha and enjoy the energy of the Co-op you helped to build.

We love having you here!

With Sincere Appreciation,

The Tidal Creek Board of Directors

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