Call For Candidates – Board Elections 2017

Tidal Creek Co-op is seeking qualified, energized candidates to fill four open seats on the Board of Directors and help guide our Co-op’s future.

If you care about Tidal Creek Co-op, our role in Wilmington’s local food community, and staying successful in a challenging business environment, you should consider running for the Board of Directors. The continued success and health of a Co-op depends on a strong, knowledgable board. Board members must be available to attend monthly Board meetings and willing to work cooperatively and enthusiastically within the Tidal Creek Co-op framework.

Learn more about the role of the Board of Directors.

This is an opportunity for you to get involved with the Co-op and play an important role in the governance and future of Tidal Creek!

To become a candidate, simply fill out the application below. Applications must be submitted by August 31st.

The deadline to apply has passed. Thank you and good luck to all of our candidates! We will be announcing them soon.

Who is eligible to run for the Board? Who can vote?

Any NEW owner who has paid their equity share for the year by September 1st can vote and run in the election. All existing owners must be in good standing (an active owner) by the date on which they vote.

Become an Owner today!

When is the election?

The election kicks off on September 16th at our Annual Owner Meeting (Time TBD) and runs for two weeks.


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