Fall, Family, And Food: Why Thanksgiving Is The Absolute Best Holiday


Thanksgiving and fall gave us an excuse to take a breath, huddle together in warmth, and spend quality time with our loved ones, and because of that, there’s no better time of year. Read on to see why Thanksgiving is absolutely, the best holiday.

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‘Tis the Season for Family

There is something very special about the fall season. The crisp air and the myriad of colors created by the changing leaves against the blue sky, along with the time spent together under a blanket or by the fire make the season glorious. Being closer to those we love and being outwardly thankful for it, is nothing short of a blessing.

Particularly if you don’t get the regular opportunity to spend time with family and friends, the season becomes of even greater meaning. Our lives today are busy and growing busier by the year, so it’s difficult to slow down and take it all in.

Comfort Food

To put it simply, Thanksgiving fare is the best comfort food there is. ThereÕs nothing like walking into a Thanksgiving dinner and smelling the amazing combination of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and other foods that blend deliciously in the air. And furthermore, the leftovers. Oh, the fabulous leftovers that come from the dinner itself will have you cherishing the holiday for days after.  

Down Time

Time off is good. Whether it’s work, children’s activities, or just the everyday hustle and bustle, it seems that there is always something preventing us from taking the time to slow down and soak it all up. Taking the day off from school or work for Thanksgiving is both healthy and necessary.   

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Sleep Well

Whether you’ve eaten, talked, worked, or played too much, Thanksgiving is a day where you can nap without feeling judged. In fact, you’re expected to nap on Thanksgiving, and who are you to not meet the expectations of the holiday? Therefore, unless you’re not a defender of the rites of Thanksgiving, you must nap. It’s required.   

Giving Thanks

It’s in the name. The best thing about Thanksgiving is reflecting on what you are most grateful for. Sharing with your family and friends the parts of your life for which you have the utmost gratitude is a particularly special way to bring everyone closer and find out more about what makes your loved ones tick.

So, slow down this Thanksgiving. Celebrate and enjoy. There is absolutely no better time. If you need any help, Tidal Creek has everything you need for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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