GE Alfalfa Statement and Links

Regarding USDA decision to fully deregulate GE Alfalfa:Tidal Creek Co-op and the National Cooperative Grocers Association

are aware of, and disappointed in, the decision made by the USDA.

We encourage you to make your voice heard by contacting your legislators.

We continue to fight for organics and believe that now, more than ever,

is the time to support organics.

Links to more information

Info Link
USDA release – includes Q&A link and link to: USDA actions to support continued dialogue and constructive coexistence in U.S. agriculture.
Food and Water Watch Action Alert
Organic Trade Association
The New York Times(may require free subscription)
Organic Valley
An Organic Valley farmer talks about GE Alfalfa
Center for Food Safety
National Organic Coalition
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Food Safety News

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