How to Get the Best Deals on Wilmington Local Produce

How to Get the Best Deals on Wilmington Local Produce

Buying local has plenty of benefits, no matter what youÕre purchasing. By buying local youÕre supporting small, local businesses and reducing pollution associated with lengthy transportation. Local produce is fresher and healthier, and often tastes better than food that has been frozen or left sitting on a truck or a shelf for any length of time.

Want to find out how to get the freshest, best-tasting produce in Wilmington? Just keep reading! Here are a few ways to get the best deals on Wilmington local produce.

Contact Your Local Wilmington Farmers

The best way to get fresh local produce is to go directly to the source. Find contact information for farmers in your area, or find a local farmersÕ market and meet farmers there. TheyÕll be able to tell you where you can find their produce in stores, and some may even be willing to arrange to sell it to you directly

Visit Your Local Co-op

Co-ops such as Tidal Creek in Wilmington, NC strive to bring as much locally grown produce as they can into their stores. Supporting your local Co-op also means supporting farmers in your area. One such farmer is Jeremiah Jones. His family farm, operated solely by Jeremiah, his wife Joann, and their 5 daughters supply many of the eggs and chicken you buy at the Coop. Starting in July, you can help the Jones Family Farm purchase their very own dairy cow by rounding up your change when you checkout at Tidal Creek!

Shop Roadside Stands in the Summer

For me, summers in North Carolina meant frequent visits to local produce stands that were stocked daily with seasonal fruits and vegetables from the farms in the surrounding area. Your area might have a large gathering of stands that carry a wide variety of produce, or you might find a roadside vendor selling one or two types of veggies out of their truck bed. Either way, youÕre getting locally grown food, often from the person who harvested it. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Bonus: In Wilmington during the summer, be sure to look out for seafood stands as well!

Do you know the impact you have when you choose to shop local instead of from a conventional chain grocery store? Not only do you get better prices on fresher produce, you are also helping the economy of your local community! Download The Economic Impact of Co-ops Ebook to find out the difference you make when you choose to shop local. 

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