How To Host The Perfect Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

There are so many amazing reasons to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Show some gratitude this thanksgiving season by hosting a vegan/vegetarian Thanksgiving, or by preparing some specific dishes for family and friends they’re sure to love. Check out these helpful hints for hosting the perfect vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner.

How To Host The Perfect Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

Substitutes Are Your Friend

There are also plenty of substitutes for meat like vegan “turkey” roasts. These roasts are made of different foods, including tofu and other types of vegetables, and even cranberries. Non-vegetarians are often dubious about these alternatives, but the fact that they are lower in saturated fat than meat should encourage the carnivores to at least give them a try. Fortunately, the taste and texture of these foods have made great strides since the versions of several years ago, as well. Try making mashed potatoes using almond milk instead of cow’s milk for depth and flavor.

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Get Creative


Cooking and presenting vegetarian and vegan food will, no doubt, make you and your guests more creative, and present wonderful opportunities to hone new cooking skills! Finding alternatives for the meat-eating crowd as well as your veggie lovers will create some balance. Their food isnÕt alien, and often times meat eaters will enjoy vegetarian dishes equally as much. Vegan recipes can be slightly more challenging, so donÕt hesitate to ask your guest what their favorite dishes are. Then have some fun with it!

What They DonÕt Know WonÕt Hurt Them

We wonÕt call it “tricking” your dinner guests, but telling potentially picky eaters if there are substitutes or alterations to a recipe isnÕt altogether necessary. Things like brownies or fudge (which, let’s face it, everyone likes) can be made with black beans, chia seeds, and maple syrup, and, when served to unsuspecting guests, are often gobbled up just like the regular variety. You may be surprised with how fast the plate disappears, and how shocked your guests are when you disclose the ingredients.

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Be Cool

ItÕs common for a vegetarian or vegan eater to be in the minority at Thanksgiving, so donÕt draw attention to this! Making a fuss over the fact that you made a special dish can bring on some guilty feelings. They will most likely be very appreciative of the lengths you have gone to, and making them feel as though itÕs no big deal will go a long way.

Remember What The Holiday Is About

Giving thanks and being together is what itÕs all about. The new vegan dish you tried didnÕt turn out perfectly? ThatÕs ok. The meat eaters arenÕt crazy about the alternative tofurkey? ThatÕs ok too! The truth is, your family and friends will appreciate the effort and love you all the same. Remember why you’re together.

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