Meet 2015 Board Candidate Katie Berry

Voting will take place in-store September 19th Ð October 2nd! 

Meet Katie Berry and learn more about how she would like to help make a difference in our community!

Meet 2015 Board Candidate Katie Berry

Are you an Owner?


What is your favorite Tidal Creek Co-op product or food?

Locally roasted Focal Coffee. I’ve recently been enjoying the Huehuetenango, a lot.

How often do you shop at the Co-op?

At least 5 times a week.

Have you ever volunteered or worked at the Co-op? 

I have been working in the Front End at Tidal Creek since July 2014.

Do you have any experience sitting on a Board of Directors?

I am currently on the Board of Directors. After attending board meetings as an owner and employee last fall, I was appointed to fill an empty seat on the Board in January 2015.

What unique skills or perspective do you feel you would bring to the Board? 

As a cashier, I am able to regularly interact with our owners. I feel like I have a good handle on what is important to our owners. I am also a sounding board for my co-workers. This gives me a unique insight and perspective as a Board member to make decisions that are good for the Co-op, our owners, and my co-workers.

What is your reason or motivation to run for the Board of Directors?

I think it is so important for Tidal Creek employees to be involved in Board governance. We are so fortunate to work at a place where we are able to participate in the decision making for the Co-op. I want to continue to make sure that my co-workers have a voice on the Board.

What makes Tidal Creek Coop Important to you?

Tidal Creek is more than just my job and a place I get my groceries. I fiercely believe in the cooperative business model. I want to do my part in helping Tidal Creek be the best it can be. 

Are you able to donate the time necessary to be an effective Board member? 

Definitely. I already have a good understanding of the time and effort needed to be a Board member.

What else would you like Tidal Creek Co-op Owners to know about you? 

I am a bike commuting, bird watching, cat loving, sensible shoe wearing, goofy lady who is proud to be an employee and owner at Tidal Creek.

Good luck Katie!

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Attend the Annual Owner Meeting and Meet the Candidates on September 19th 


2015 Tidal Creek Annual Owner Meeting

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