Meet 2015 Board Candidate Ryanna Battiste

Voting will take place in-store September 19th Ð October 2nd!

Meet Ryanna Battiste and learn more about how she would like to help make a difference in our community!

Meet 2015 Board Candidate Ryanna Battiste

Are you an Owner?


What is your favorite Tidal Creek Co-op product or food?

Lacinato kale, the Sparkles you can put on in the makeup area, bulk Real Salt.

How often do you shop at the Co-op?

Several times per week!

Have you ever volunteered or worked at the Co-op? 

I have been on the Board of Directors for the past 3 years, its been a tremendous experience!

Do you have any experience sitting on a Board of Directors?

Why, yes! See above.

What unique skills or perspective do you feel you would bring to the Board?

As co-owner of a local food based wellness business, Grub, I work with people every day who are making choices to change their lives by changing what they eat. I am in tune with what many of the awesome people shopping in this store are looking for, not just as far as products go, but on a community level.

What is your reason or motivation to run for the Board of Directors?

A co-op is community owned. Each of us has a voice here, but many of us don’t use it. I have come to understand the process by which big change can happen in our little co-op, and I want to use my voice. I see an exciting future for Tidal Creek in Wilmington, and I am looking forward a time in the not-so-distant future when we get to experience the impact a cooperatively owned grocery store can have on this community. It’s going to be fun!

What makes Tidal Creek Coop Important to you?

Clean food, community, great people, cooperatively owned, and there are sparkles! What else do you need?

Are you able to donate the time necessary to be an effective Board member? 

Absolutely. Time is the most important asset I believe a board can give at this point in our journey. I’m in!

What else would you like Tidal Creek Co-op Owners to know about you? 

I eat an obscene amount of whatever berries are being sampled in produce while I shop.

Good luck Ryanna!

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Attend the Annual Owner Meeting and Meet the Candidates on September 19th  

2015 Tidal Creek Annual Owner Meeting

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