Nature’s Way Goat Farm

Where/when did you get your start in farming?

We started our farm in Hampstead, NC in the late 1980’s.

Could you describe your work at … Farm?

We are a licensed goat dairy making a variety of farmstead cheeses including chevre, blue, feta, gouda, mozzarella, romano, and pepperjack.

We took 3 places in the 2008 American Dairy Goat Association, Goat Milk Cheese Competition in Capricopia Rohnert Park California. This is our 2nd year placing high in this National Goat Cheese Competition…

  • Unflavored Soft Cheese Commercial -Tina Moller 3rd Place
  • “Chevre”Flavored Soft Cheese Commercial -Tina Moller 2nd Place “Herb de Provence”
  • Unflavored Fresh Mozzerella Commercial -Tina Moller 2nd Place “Fresh Mozzarella”

What does the future hold for you?

We love our animals.  We do it because we love what we do.  We don’t plan to expand.  We plan on trying new

cheeses and soaps, but we are happy doing what we are doing.

What is the difference between your farm and factory farming?

All our goats have names and are known and loved as individuals.  The goats are a part of our family.  A factory can’t

say that.  Milk and cheese are living     things and when they start as part of your family it is that much better.  That’s

why our cheese tastes better. Happy goats = happy cheese.

What are your ideas?

Always remember to do what is best for the community and the environment.

Tidal Creek is excited to offer a tour of Nature’s way Farm on Saturday, April 1st.

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