Owner Benefits

You don’t have to be an Owner to shop at the Co-op, but Ownership can be so rewarding!

Co-op Ownership is voluntary. All shoppers are welcome at Tidal Creek. However, there are some special benefits that we offer to Co-op Owners.

Financial Benefits

  • 10% off your purchase once every month!
  • 10% off special-order purchases
  • $5 back for every $500 you spend
  • Patronage Refund Program: At the end of the fiscal year, if earnings are sufficient, the Board can choose to distribute a Patronage Refund to Co-op Owners based on purchases.
  • Owner Volunteer Program: Co-op Owners can earn discounts by volunteering at the Co-op and Community Outreach Events.

Community Partner Discounts

  • Wilmington Yoga Center
    • Coupon for one FREE class + FREE Buddy Pass – for New Owners (Renewing Owners are exempt)

Make a Difference

  • Invest in your local economy: Your equity share helps Tidal Creek Co-op invest in local farmers, producers, staff, Owners and our local community. Approximately 68% of every dollar spent at Tidal Creek returns to the community.
  • Use your voice to create positive change: Participate in the governance of the Co-op by voting, becoming a member of the Board of Directors or serving on a Board Committee.
  • Support Local Products: Our buyers seek out local products and work with vendors to help promote them.
  • Buy Organic: Protect our soil, water and farmers and invest in a sustainable solution to feeding the world with the Co-op’s Certified Organic Produce Department.
  • Become a Volunteer
Become An Owner