There’s A New Garden Growing At The Co-op!

We are excited to announce that we’ve received permission from the owners of the adjacent property to plant a large Co-op Garden in the greenspace next to the old movie theater!

Our Deli Manager, Mike Slaton, is working closely with some of our local farmers (like Kyle Stenerson from Humble Roots Farm, who was kind enough to start plowing the land for us!) and staff volunteers to conceptualize the project. In the coming weeks, we will be calling for volunteers from among our shoppers and owners to supply labor for preparing and planting the site, tool and seed donations, as well as the persistent maintenance a healthy garden requires. We are hoping to foster community, provide the kitchen with fresh produce, provide medicinal herbs for our Wellness and Produce departments, space for community gardens, and composting of our food waste.

We are so grateful to be granted the free use of this space, and, as such, must mention that the garden is subject to the future development of the property and cannot be considered a permanent site.

If you’d like to add your name to the Co-op Garden Volunteer list, and stay informed as the project grows, complete the form below!

Co-op Garden Volunteer List

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