Tidal Creek Visual Tour

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Tidal Creek Co-op combines a farmer’s-market feel with convenience of a supermarket.

We’ve got everything you need for one-stop shopping, but with a smaller, more personal touch. The direct relationships we build with local farmers and producers, along with our focus on organic and earth-friendly options, make Co-op shopping a truly sustainable choice. We are passionate about good food, and we are always happy to help in any way we can.

TidalCreek_Refrigerated Dairy_ Local Eggs


The Grocery Team strives to make the best choices on behalf of our customers in keeping with our mission. We are open and honest about our product and pricing practices.


Our primary focus is to provide quality products that are artisan, local, sustainably produced, healthful, humanely raised and reflect fair trade practices. We feature and promote these products. We seek out and cultivate suppliers for these products and we also produce them ourselves. We make every effort to provide reliable information about the benefits and effectiveness of the products we select.

We also carry products that respond to our community’s immediate desires, including convenience foods, less expensive choices and foods important to our culture and tastes. We decide on these products through a dialogue with the community that includes a number of considerations: our buying ability, product and supplier attributes and community input.


Special Orders

Tidal Creek Co-op gladly accepts special orders of case quantities and items not stocked on our shelves. Customers save 10% on all special order case quantities. Inquire at Customer Service for more information or to place an order.



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Selected to complement your meal!

We’re proud to offer a variety of some of the best micro and artisanal beers from around the state and around the world in addition to an easily shopped selection of wines that we think will pair well with the foods you love. Choose from gluten-free and no-sulfite added options.

TidalCreek_Beer & Wine_Wine_C

TidalCreek_Meat Department_ C

All our meats and poultry are free from antibiotics and added hormones.

Many of our meats and poultry are USDA Certified Organic – a difference you can taste. Look for our selection of hormone and antibiotic free meats, local meats and a variety of pasture raised selections.

Special Orders

Tidal Creek Co-op gladly accepts special orders of large quantities and items not regularly stocked at the store.

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The Tidal Creek Produce Department is committed to providing delicious, fresh, organic and local produce.

We offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables – with basics always in stock and other items available seasonally. Ninety percent of our produce is organic and the only non-organic produce we carry is local and pesticide free. Our first priority is buying local-organic produce, followed by organic US-grown produce and finally organic produce grown from outside the US. Some items are only available from non-domestic sources.

We have access to many more products than we can fit on our shelves and we will try to get them in just for you! We love customer requests, suggestions and comments!

If you are a local farmer who is growing organically and you are interested in selling your products to us, please contact our Produce Department at (910) 799-2667 x 221

Special Orders

Tidal Creek Co-op gladly accepts special orders of large quantities (great for juicing!) and items not regularly stocked at the store.

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Our abundant selection of bulk items can inspire meal time and snack time, all while helping you save money and reduce packaging.

In addition to pantry staples, scoop up our teas, medicinal herbs, dried fruits, local honey, cooking oils, fair-trade organic coffee and household cleaning products. And grind your own fresh peanut and almond butters!

How to Shop Bulk

Weigh your own container and record its weight - Tidal Creek Coop

Fill your chosen container with product - Tidal Creek Coop

Write the PLU on your container for the cashiers - Tidal Creek Coop

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Nature makes the best medicine – that’s the philosophy of Tidal Creek’s Wellness team.

We believe that healing begins when the mind starts to listen to the body and we want our supplements and our personal care products to be as good for us as the food we eat.

When you’re looking for a great whole food multi-vitamin, locally grown and produced tinctures, essential oils or plant based shampoos and toothpastes without sodium lauryl sulfate, we have what you need. Customer service is our top priority here at Tidal Creek.

The Tidal Creek Wellness department is committed to providing customers with superior quality supplements and body care products. We select goods from companies who, like Tidal Creek Co-op, have policies in place to control the use of unsafe ingredients and ensure that products and processing have the least amount of negative environmental impact. We strive to have reliable information available about the benefits and effectiveness of our products. Our educated and knowledgeable staff will always be eager to answer any questions you have concerning our wellness products.

TidalCreek_Home & Gifts_ Klean Kanteens


Browse our General Merchandise for a diverse selection of beautiful and functional household goods and gifts.

We work with local artists, Co-ops and international fair trade organizations to bring you unique products that change with the seasons. Our offerings include:

  • Clean Burning Beeswax, Soy and Aromatherapy Candles
  • Handmade, Fair-trade, Eco-friendly Greeting Cards
  • Recycled Notebooks
  • Reusable Containers: Water Bottles, Klean Kanteens, Storage Jars, Lunch Pails, Tote Bags and Produce Bags
  • Teapots, French press & cold brew coffee makers
  • Rain Barrels
  • Shower & Water Filters
  • Juicers
  • Sustainable Kitchen Utensils
  • Books and Magazines