It’s scenes like this that have prompted us at Tidal Creek to end the sale of single use plastic bottled water. Beginning last week, we will no longer be selling plastic bottled water, and while it may take a little time to sell through our back stock, we will soon only carry glass bottles. While we constantly debate our role as gatekeeper for issues such as this, we felt that it was our responsibility, as demanded by our values, to take this step to reduce our waste. As evidenced by the reactions both online and in-store, you have supported us in this initiative whole- heartedly, and for that we are truly grateful. While we are the first to acknowledge that this is just another small step, we look back on the last year alone worth of small steps, and can already see a huge difference in our in-store trash output, as well as the tremendous volume of composted material produced in just 9 short months. Your continued support of Tidal Creek will allow us to continue progress toward a sustainable model of retail grocery, one that is already having influence and impact beyond the bounds of our small co-op. Thank you all- it is truly a pleasure serving this incredible, mindful community of owners and shoppers!