Some of you may know Robert, Mary, Miles and Laura Holst; for those of
you that may not, we would like to introduce you to our new neighbors.
Re-eco Design is a family owned business that creates art, fashion and
products for the home, using sustainable, recycled and re-purposed
materials. When we say family owned, we really mean it. Mary, Robert,
Miles and Laura Holst all contribute their artistic skills and talents
to creating one of a kind, handmade and recycled items.

Mary, a charter Tidal Creek Member and past day manager, designs unique
fashion accessories from reclaimed materials and found objects ….
Robert, also an original co-op member has been contributing visually
to Tidal Creek since its first days as creator of the first Tidal
Creek logo, signage and T’s. Robert is a fine artist and graphics

After many years as Graphics Coordinator with the  New York
Times Regional Media Group, Robert is happy to return to painting and
designing full time. He is currently helping us with the new t-shirt
design by updating our logo. Miles, a college student at NC State
College of Design, contributes with illustrations and silkscreen
prints. He is also the designer of the Tidal Creek Co-op 25th
anniversary T-shirt. Laura, a junior at UNC Asheville is the sculptor
and potter. She is also Re-eco’s business manager and her family is
grateful for her right and left brain capabilities. Laura is managing
the studio/shop while on break this summer. We invite you to visit
Re-eco and see what the Holst family has created. Their hours are
Wednesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm, Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm.