Welcome to The Shopper’s Voice!

For our second installment of The Shopper’s Voice, we welcome our upstairs neighbor and food label ninja, Stacie Morrison! Stacie is the Founder/Practice Owner of Stacie Morrison TRUE Health and Wellness, LLC and works at Evolution Wellness right above Tidal Creek!!

From her Facebook: “My husband, Chris, and daughter, Ashley, moved to beautiful Coastal North Carolina about 11 years ago from Western PA (GO STEELERS!). I enjoy running, biking, and really anything health and wellness related.” Stacie can regularly be found in the cafe eating lunch from the hot bar! She will be hosting a FREE information session here on July 17th: Ask a Health Coach!

All co-op owners receive a discount on Stacie’s services! Stop by the info session or give us a call at 910-799-2667 for more info! Here’s what Stacie had to say about Wilmington’s ONLY community owned grocery store:

“I am a wife, mom, and have a personal story of transformation.  I am also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with my own private practice. I am a proud Tidal Creek Co-op owner!

I am very particular about what I am putting in and on my body. 6+ years ago I decided to take courageous action when it came to my health. Tidal Creek was been a very important piece along my journey because shopping there helps me to invest wisely in my health, sustain my new lifestyle, and at the same time do my part in positively impacting my local environment.  It is also so reassuring to know the store I shop at cares just as much as I do about the quality of the food they make available. Their standards are much higher than the average grocery store and often in many cases other “health food” stores.  Another difference is in who is actually making the decisions: not big corporate food who are focused on the bottom line and who are willing to sacrifice the health and welfare of their customers in order to be profitable… owners instead are! Owners have a say so!  

My husband and I are both small local business owners so we try as much as we can to support other small local businesses. Our ownership does that as well and it feels so good knowing that. Supporting local farmers and getting to know who they are is another great benefit as well.  

We do not live in the Wilmington area and so drive 45 minutes to an hour one way to shop at Tidal Creek and it’s so worth it. All the reasons I have mentioned as well as the people that we come in contact with every time we are in the store. They are always smiling, happy to help any way they can, overall a very positive environment.  I find myself on a few occasions just going in and sitting to connect with the uplifting energy they bring.

It is also comforting to know if we need to grab “fast food”, we can make a stop here and there are many options to choose from:  salad bar, hot bar, smoothie bar…so many nutrient dense options to choose from to make our cells happy!

For all these reasons I shout it from the roof tops as much as I can why I support a Co-op.  I tell everybody I know (friends, family, clients, etc.) Stop in and see the difference for yourself!  You won’t regret it!”