Welcome to The Shopper’s Voice!

Recently, we put a call out in our email newsletter looking for any shopper who would like to tell us what Tidal Creek means to them!

Our first response comes from a loyal shopper & local artist and environmentalist, Kim Beller. Kim works with The Plastic Ocean Project, a fantastic organization which was actually Tidal Creek’s “Real Change” donation recipient not long ago:

Thank you Tidal Creek Co-op for making it so easy to be plastic free! My mission is to keep the beaches, oceans, and spoil islands plastic free, and I believe that it starts with my actions.

I love shopping in the bulk section of the store, which has so many options! From spices, to beans and rice, to cooking oil, I can even get soap and laundry detergent in bulk!

Brandon keeps everything stocked, and is always there to help with anything I need.

Bringing my own glass jars into the store and having them weighed before filling is so convenient. The produce is always so beautiful and I love filling my own cloth bags with the pieces I need.

Also, thank you for having so many plant based options!! I love the daily vegan selections on the hot bar. I’m so happy to be part of a community that truly cares about its customers, animals, and about the environment. I’ve been shopping at Tidal Creek for many years, and have always felt at home. There are so many friends and smiling faces to greet and say hi, and it truly does feel like family. There’s nothing else like it in Wilmington. – Kim Beller

Thank you so much for the kind words and most importantly for you support, Kim!

You can find more information about Kim’s work here!

What does Tidal Creek mean to you? 

Tell us what why YOU shop at Tidal Creek! If you’d like to participate please email kaitlin@www.tidalcreek.coop with the subject line “Shoppers Voice” and a brief overview of what you’d like to write about!