Christmas cookies are an important part of the holiday season. Everyone deserves to have a special treat–especially that special someone in your life who is on a gluten-free diet. Whether you’re making cookies all season long for a child who is gluten-free or simply preparing a treat for a friend or family member who might not otherwise be able to enjoy a cookie, check out these top 5 gluten-free Christmas cookie recipes to create a cookie that tastes just as good as the flour-filled versions you normally eat. Tidal Creek can custom cater dessert party platters full of Gluten free goodies for the holidays. Visit our catering page to place an order today!

1. Fudge Cookies

These are sure to be a hit on any Christmas cookie tray. Not only are they gluten-free, they’re lower-calorie than many traditional cookie recipes, making them a special treat for the holiday season that you can feel good about! The cookies come out like a fantastic combination of cookie and brownie with fudge-like centers that will have you reaching for “just one more” cookie even when you think you’re done. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar to add extra flare to your display or enjoy them simply as they are. Click here to view full recipe.

2. Peanut Butter White Bean Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups


Yes, you read that right: white bean cookies. The beans help create the cookie texture you know and love without the use of flour. If you’re looking for a cookie that has the texture of a slice of cookie cake, enough protein to help fill up a picky toddler, and a secret ingredient that will surprise you with just how effective it is, try these out. This particular recipe also uses agave or honey as a sweetener, so it’s a healthy cookie recipe that you can feel good about. Click here to view full recipe.

3. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Love a soft, chewy oatmeal cookie on your cookie tray? Sally’s Baking Addiction offers a gluten-free oatmeal cookie that tastes just like the ones Grandma used to make with none of that added flour that has the potential to do so much harm to a loved one on a gluten-free diet. This cookie essentially skips the flour altogether, making them a little bit crumbly, but peanut butter helps bind the cookie together and keep it soft and chewy. Almond butter or sunflower butter can be substituted for peanut-free homes. Click here to view full recipe.

4. Ginger Snap Cookies


The Christmas season simply isn’t complete without at least one ginger-flavored cookie. If you’re restricted to a gluten-free diet for yourself or a child, Nutritionist in the Kitch has you covered. Their recipe is made with a mixture of gluten-free flour and coconut palm sugar. It’s billed as being better than the ones Grandma used to make, and while your grandmother’s recipe might have been a bit different, you’ll find that this one does a fantastic job of filling your cookie jar over the holiday season. Click here to view full recipe.

5. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone needs a good, classic chocolate chip cookie recipe in their back pocket–especially around the Christmas season. It can be hard to find a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe that really does the trick, but this one from Ambitious Kitchen really shines. It uses quinoa flour and offers a coconut sugar option for those who are trying to keep their Christmas treats a little bit healthier. Click here to view full recipe.

Maintaining a gluten-free diet can be hard, maintaining a gluten-free diet over the holidays, when it seems as though everyone has a new, flour-filled treat in hand every day, can be heartbreaking, especially for the children in your life. With these cookie recipes, however, no one has to feel left out! And you can enjoy the holiday classics you love.

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