Community Partners

feastdowneast Feast Down East (Southeastern NC Food Systems) is a non-profit economic development program aimed at building a strong local food system and alleviating poverty in rural and urban communities. Feast Down East helps small scale limited-resource farmers build and sustain their farms and connects them with local markets to sell their products.
 pg-logo Progressive Gardens provides cutting edge growing products combined with the perspective on how to grow with living systems in order for the soil and plants that sustain us to reach their maximum potential. We practice year-round growing with a natural approach. Progressive Gardens will help you grow the BEST garden of your life! Be a farmer, start a garden.
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wyc_logo_small The Wilmington Yoga Center is a true community “center” of yoga, open to people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities that wish to deepen their understanding of yoga and healthy lifestyle practices. Our student base includes many different kinds of people. We go to great lengths to create a friendly, non-intimidating environment for anyone that is curious about the amazing benefits of this practice and we love beginners new to the center!
wyc_logo_small Gray Cat Botanicals is a small Wilmington business specializing in homegrown and homemade herbal products. We also have a passion for educating people on how to grow, harvest, make and use plants to discover holistic, vibrant health