Own Your Grocery Store!

Since 1982, Tidal Creek Co-op has been Wilmington’s community owned natural grocery store. From our humble beginnings as a buying club, now over 3000 Owners can say they own the Co-op! We are owned and operated by people just like you – members of the community willing to work together to provide for themselves.

Our Purpose – Community Owned

The motivating purpose of Co-ops is to serve the needs of the Owners rather than to generate a profit. All Owners are part owners of Tidal Creek Co-op. Being cooperatively owned means there is no one person at the top of our company making a profit; instead, any monies taken in above operating costs are re-invested in the store, the community or returned to our Owners.

Ownership Investment

Becoming an Owner of Tidal Creek Co-op is easy! Just complete an application form and purchase an annual $30 equity share, or in-store at the Customer Service Desk or any register. All investments are refundable upon submitting an Ownership Resignation.

Ownership Usage & Benefit Redemption

Your benefits begin immediately. Show your card at the beginning of each purchase to receive full owner benefits. Spouses, partners, and roommates are welcome to use an Owner’s account when shopping.

Next time you visit Tidal Creek Co-op, stop by the Customer Service Desk and let us know you would like to become a Co-op Owner!