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Tidal Creek Coop - It Starts With Me

It Starts With Me

Plastic-Free Strawberry & Apple Fruit Leather Yesterday, as I danced around my kitchen… I once again realized one of the many rewards of striving to reduce our families plastic footprint.  The reward, of course, is the victory of figuring out how to make something that has been so commercialized that we think that we need […]

Tidal Creek Coop - Crackers

Plastic-Free Ritz Crackers

It Starts With Me…  Co-op owner blog share Back when my kids went to school (we’re homeschooling this year), my son always wanted me to buy him Lunchables (ummm… no way…. besides being nutritional crap… they’re way over packaged).  To give him what he wanted without giving into crap food…. I invested in a LapTop […]