This week at Tidal Creek, we are mourning the loss of one of our founders, elders, and leaders, JoAnn Fogler. JoAnn and Irving Fogler were instrumental in the transformation in 1982 of a small buying club into Tidal Creek Cooperative. Serving for years as board members, including during the expansion that gave us our current home on Oleander, and later as trusted advisors and elders, the Fogler’s gift to our community in Tidal Creek is a legacy that few of us will ever be fortunate enough to leave. In the last few years, the Foglers continued to be a constant presence at the Co-op as advisers, loyal owners and customers, and inspirations to our new generation of Co-op leaders. To this very day, “what will the Foglers think?” is part of our decision making process, and always will be. Thank you JoAnn for all you’ve done for our community and our Co-op, and know we will NEVER forget you!