10 Tips For Having A Healthy And Happy 2016


A new year is the perfect time for a new beginning. Here are 10 tips for having a healthy and happy 2016. Some of them will cover physical aspects while others take care of your home and health.

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1. Create attainable goals and celebrate victories.

A goal can serve as motivation. Set smaller goals for yourself that are easy to complete. You can create multiple small goals in order to reach a larger, long-term goal. Once you complete a goal, take some time to celebrate your victory. This will help serve as motivation while you work to finish other goals.

2. Grab a friend and get moving.

The first step to physically getting healthier is to get off the couch and get moving. You do not have to run a marathon the first day, just walk to the mailbox and back. Get a friend involved in order to keep both of you motivated and accountable during your journey. If it helps, look into a gym where you combine cardio work with strength training to create a healthier youÐÐinside and out.

3. Physical activity is only part of the health equation.

The second part involves going through your kitchen and looking through your recipes. Keep things flavorful, but inline with your health goals. For inspiration, check out some of the healthy ingredients available at Tidal Creek

4. Make friends with your eyelids.

Sleep is very important in terms of both your health and happiness. The more sleep you get, the better your body will feel. This will also lead to you being happier because you are not always feeling tired and groggy.

5. Check in with the doctor.

A trip to the doctor is not something many people look forward to, however, it is an important trip in terms of having a healthy 2016. During your appointment, have a heart-to-heart discussion about any possible problems. Your doctor will be able to make recommendations to keep any chronic conditions in check so that you are able to enjoy the year.

6. Find a creative outlet to relieve stress.

Stress leads to health issues and sadness in some cases. Find a creative way to relieve this built-up stress. Tap into a passion that you have had since you were a child and revive it. It does not have to be complicated, just something that is personal for you to enjoy.

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7. Take a vacation.

There are many reasons why you may not have the time to spend with friends and family. Take a vacation and reconnect with those who are closest to you. It can be a week somewhere new or something as simple as a weekend retreat to reconnect with your other half. During the vacation, do your best not to think about work. Bring your camera and create memories while you relax and recharge.

8. Create to-do lists to stay organized.

If your stress is a result of organizational issues, create to-do lists to help you stay focused and on top of things. You can easily do this on your phone with so many productivity apps now available.

9. Declutter.

Take the time to declutter the area that is getting on your nerves. This will make you happy and can also have other health benefits as well.

10. Finally, set aside some time for yourself.

Whether you watch some extra television after your kids go to bed or simply go for a walk. Take this time for yourself to relax and gain a happier outlook into the new year.

Remember, every person’s life situation is different. Use as many of these tips as you feel apply to you. Feel free to pass the others on to anyone who may need some motivation.

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