5 Foods You Should Always Buy in Bulk

5 Bulk Foods You Should Always Buy from Health Store | Tidal Creek CoopEveryone knows that buying in bulk is a great way to save money and reduce packaging waste, but sometimes it can backfire. Food bought in bulk packages from superstores can go bad before you have time to eat it, which diminishes those savings over time.You have the option to purchase bulk foods in the quantities you know youÕll be able to consume, allowing you to save money without the risk of wasting food.
5 Foods You Should Always Buy in Bulk
Want to save even more money while helping the environment? Bring in your own containers and have them weighed at the register before you bulk up! For more information on how to save money by buying in bulk, this video will get you started:


There are plenty of options when it comes to buying in bulk. WeÕve listed some of the biggest money savers for you below. Here are a few foods to buy in bulk.

1. Organic Grains

Including flour, rice, quinoa, and oats. Buying in bulk can help offset the costs of eating organic foods.

2. Coffee

Coffee is a daily staple for most of us, but those fancy blends can add up quickly when bought by the bag. Buying coffee beans in bulk means you can get your preferred blends without paying a premium price. At the Co-op you can load up on FolkÕs CafeÕs locally roasted coffee beans, a Wilmington favorite!

3. Organic Sugar and Spices

Cut down on packaging waste from all of those tiny spice bottles you would get at a grocery store. Tidal Creek offers organic sugar, sea salt, cinnamon, and much more.

5 Foods You Should Always Buy in Bulk

4. Herbs

Pre-packaged organic herbs can carry a larger price tag in exchange for the convenience, but buying in bulk allows you to stock up on those herbs you use the most.

5. Granola

Skip the pre-made packaged granola bars, which often contain preservatives and other mystery ingredients. Buy granola in bulk and make your own bars and other treats for a fraction of the cost.

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