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Larry’s Beans

Larry’s Beans is one of our leaders in local sustainability and huge advocates of the “green” lifestyle. Based out of Raleigh, Larry and his constituents are the first, and still the only group of independent coffee roasters that buys organic green coffee beans directly from Fair Trade cooperative growers. All of Larry’s coffee is shade-grown and certified organic! They have only two delivery vehicles that run solely on recycled vegetable oil. They also have recently “green-o-vated’ their warehouse to include natural day lighting, low flush toilets, reclaimed timbers and edible landscaping. They have developed state-of-the-art bio-bags for their coffee that can biodegrade in your home compost, or even in a landfill! To top it all off, their coffee is delicious. We have approximately nine, 1 lb options and two options in the bulk bins. Starting at the beginning of 2011 we will be carrying two more blends in the bulk area, along with monthly promotions for not only Larry’s Beans, but all of our local vendors. Look out competition -Larry’s is getting ahead of the curve; steadily emerging with grace and innovation!

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