Weekly Fresh Flyer

Now that Spring has finally sprung it is the perfect time to take stock of not only your closets, but of how your own body is feeling. Spring is a great time to recommit to some of those New Year’s resolutions that may have fallen to the wayside including boosting your diet with more fresh, organic fruits vegetables or considering a short cleanse program such as the ones we offer from Renew Life. Don’t just trudge into Spring- embrace it!

Stop by our Produce department to check out some new and expanding arrivals. We have Young Thai Coconuts loved for their sweet water and the almost jelly-like consistency of their flesh. We also have bottled Raaw juices if you love how juicing makes you feel, but don’t feel like you have enough time in the day to juice your own concoctions. Don’t forget to check our recipe board in the store for more meal ideas!

Weekly Fresh Bytes Week 15

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