Essential Beach Bag Must-Haves for Healthy Moms

Essential Beach Bag Must-Haves for Healthy Moms

School is out and the kids are home Ð time to spend your days in the surf and sand! Getting everyone ready for a trip to the beach can be a little chaotic, so itÕs easy to understand forgetting a few things when packing your beach bag. Here are a few items we think are essentials for any healthy mom (or dad) to pack for a fun day at the beach with kids.

1. Organic Squeeze Snacks such as applesauce, other fruit purees, yogurts, and nut butters will allow younger children to eat without having to worry about getting a mouthful of sand. Packing your own food will also reduce the temptation of buying less-healthy beachside snacks when the ice cream cart stops by your access.

2. Refillable water bottles are another must-have. While spending a fun day in the hot sun and salty water, it can be easy to overlook the importance of hydration. Always remember to pack lots of water. Look for bottles that have an attached drinking nozzle that you donÕt have to unscrew. This will help keep the sand out of you and your kidsÕ drinks.  

3. Good sunscreen is essential anytime you plan to be outside for extended periods of time, and that goes for kids, too! Look for waterproof sunscreen if youÕll be in the water, and donÕt forget to reapply frequently during your beachfront excursion. If you’re looking for organic, chemical-free skin protection, stop by Tidal Creek and check out our selection of organic sunscreens.

4. Hats and other extra clothing will only add to your sun-shielding armory. Avoid the misery of tender red patches and peeling skin by throwing on a hat or t-shirt over your regular beach attire. Your kids might not thank you for it, but their skin will!

These essential beach bag must-haves will help to keep you and your kids nourished and protected during your next beach trip. For organic kids snacks, stop by Tidal Creek on your way to the water! Members of the Kids Club can come pick out a special piece of fruit every time they visit the co-op.

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What are some other items you never go without when taking your family to the beach?


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