Mother Earth Living and Spirituality & Health Magazine Reviews

Did you know that Tidal Creek Co-op sells magazines? They have quite a variety of magazines (usually close to the check out counters) that are both interesting and informative. There is great information available in these magazines. Many lifestyles and various kinds of help for health issues can be found in magazines. Magazines are a quick read, easy to carry and great for digesting while traveling, or waiting for various appointments, and the variety of information is amazing. You get lots of opinions from health practitioners and then you can decide you own path. I have chosen only two for this review.

Mother Earth Living Magazine

The first one is Mother Earth Living; natural home, healthy life. It is a bi-monthly mag that really keeps you abreast of the latest in eating and keeping your home clean and green. Some articles in the July/August 2014 issue are:  Help For Your Feet, Environment, Natural Ways To Reduce Inflammation, and loads of recipes and solutions to follow.
Mother Earth Living and Spirituality and Health Magazine Reviews - Tidal Creek Co-opValerie Latona is the author of the article Natural Ways To Reduce Inflammation. Who canÕt use information like this? We all need to know the best lifestyle to help keep inflammation down.  Here is her summation for this help. ÒThere are feet (physical activity), forks (a healthy diet), fingers (donÕt smoke), sleep (get enough) stress (learn to manage it), and love (cultivate loving relationship).Ó Most experts agree that the place to start is with food.

She begins with sugar and processed food (this one needs very little explanation). GMO (genetically modified) foods are explained. Any food modified from its original self is no longer the same food. All of us have to watch this one as some modified foods are not so labeled. This author talks about chemicals in our environments and heavy metals such as mercury found in tuna and swordfish which can to be toxic in our body.

One of the foods mentioned in this article is amaranth. This is a seed that acts like a grain. Quinoa, millet and wild rice (low in carbs and high in protein) are grand to add to your menu, according to this article in Mother Earth Living. All of these foods are on the list of 5 Foods You Should Always Buy In BulkOne food this reviewer always tries to eat is kale. Of course, with kale you may mix with spinach, broccoli, or mustard greens. All these foods have high antioxidant levels and are great to keep down inflammation. Mushrooms are the only vegetable source of Vitamin D. This is a key hormone that plays a role in the immune system. Many very good articles are in this magazine that may interest the people who come into Tidal Creek.

Hearty Kale Salad Recipes from Mother Earth Living


  • 1 large bunch green kale, washed, dried and stems removed
  • 1 _ medium avocados, peeled, and pitted, divided
  • 1 _ tablespoon miso paste, 3 scallions, thinly sliced, white and green parts only
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 3 sheets nori, cut into strips.

Tear kale by hand into bite size pieces and place in large bowl.

Mash avocado in a small bowl with the miso paste, vinegar, scallions into a chunky guacamole-like mixture. Add to the kale.

Using hands, massage avocado mixture into kale, squeezing and tossing leaves (about 2 minutes). Chop rest of avocado into the mix into chunks and scatter over the salad.  Sprinkle nori in bowl and toss. Serves 2 to 4. 

Spirituality and Health Magazine

Spirituality and Health is another magazine that will entice you to buy it often. You will want to read it more and more, if you like spiritual articles as well as physical health information. The May/June issue consists of ways to do Shira Yoga, how to live with your money, and many reasons to have hope in this imperfect world. People such as Jane Goodall, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Geri Larkin, Thomas Moore and many others share their lives with the reader. This month Jane Goodall says she is still full of hope for the world. Many ways to discover peace and balance is included in this issue. Rea the article 5 Easy Yoga Poses You Can Do At The Beach to find even more balance in your life!

This month, this reader was very much interested in Òthe World of HurtÓ unlocking the powerful psychotherapies of chronic pain. According to  author Ilima Loomis, after testing and testing, meds and more meds, a lot of people today will try to take control of their own health. Her idea is that pain is perception. Pain is not in the body. It exists in the interaction between the body and the mind. She quotes from many other authors, too.

Grapefruit Pomegranate Smoothie Recipe From Spirituality and Health

Mother Earth Living and Spirituality and Health Magazine Reviews - Tidal Creel Co-opIngredients:

  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1 _  cups greens tea ice cubes*
  • 1 cup grapefruit, peeled, seeded, and chopped
  • 1 _  cups pomegranate juice
  • _ teaspoon ground ginger, Stevia, maple syrup or honey to taste

Blend all ingredients together until frosty. Taste and sweeten as desired. Makes two 14 ounce servings.

*to make green tea ice cubes, simply freeze prepared green tea ice cubes trays until solid. Reviewers note: ice cubes can be made from juices and used in smoothies. ItÕs cool!

Be sure to check out the many magazines from Tidal Creek Co-op! Tidal Creek also has other great cooking resources like the Ultimate Bulk Foods Cooking GuideYou can download this guide and save it to your phone, print it out and put it on the fridge, or bookmark it on your computer! Click here to get the guide. 
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